ViewLoader Evolution 3 Hopper w/Z-Board - Black

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ViewLoader Evolution 3 Hopper w/Z-Board - Black
ViewLoader Evolution 3 Hopper w/Z-Board - Black
ViewLoader Evolution 3 Hopper w/Z-Board - Black
ViewLoader Evolution 3 Hopper w/Z-Board - Black
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Manufacturer: Viewloader
Mfg. ID: 30679

The re-engineered Evolution 3 electronic feeder loader won't starve your marker, no matter how fast you shoot. Now includes the Z-board


  • Feed rate of up to 23 balls per second
  • Special designed feeding propeller with new JVON flexible blades
  • Stronger spring loaded curved door which opens down acting as a funnel for faster fills and less spills
  • High impact resistant shell and longer neck
  • Easy cleaning design takes after the VL Revolution's field proven construction
  • LED light low-battery indicator
  • IR sensor controlling on/off propeller actuation and battery saving circuitry
  • Holds about 190 paintballs
  • Requires 2 9V Batteries (not included)

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Adam of Georgia
Evo 3
I've had this hopper for a long time and I have to say is my best one yet
jr13 of vvlle
this hopper is pretty awesome except its a lil bulky nd it gets shot alot but a great electric hopper to start with
brandon of
egg 3
this a great hopper. i have 1 myself, great for speedball. also great for woodsball.
kyle of
i love this hopper feeds great just a little big gets shots some times but takes hard hits
Jason of my house
fantastic hopper. a little loud but its the best for the price. do yourself a favor and buy this hopper
nate of texas
egg 3
great hopper, havnt had any problems with it, if reading this you should chose this hopper
zach of mesa
egg 3
great hopper to start with. havent had many problems other than the feed neck being a little small
Vendetta of WA
Excellent hopper, affordable, and very fast hopper. A little bulky, make sure to get a small feed neck cuz it's a big target. Otherwise it's a great electro hopper to start with